2016 Update from Berrie’s Kitchen


Yes it’s a bit late for my first post of 2016…. but I’m excited to tell you all about our newest project and what we’ve been so busy with!


B&S Interiors-6

Bitters & Sweets is Hong Kong’s newest destination for house-infused cocktails, nostalgic savory snacks and innovative desserts. We bring new experiences with our food and drinks by creating harmonious flavor profiles.

In an industry that is becoming more pretentious and impersonal, lacking in sincerity and service quality, Bitters & Sweets is a concept cocktail lounge that aims to provide guests with a comfortable, memorable and flavorful experience.

We are not a conventional shake-and-pour cocktail lounge.  Our signature cocktails feature home-made infusions, taking weeks or even months to prepare on site.  We train our mixologists to look at cocktails as a chef would look at food.   We encourage them to be more adventurous with different ingredients and combinations.  This experimental and rigorous approach creates unique flavor profiles only to be found at Bitters & Sweets.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be introducing you to all about our new lounge, our signature cocktails and desserts.

Please visit us! Bitters & Sweets is located on the first floor of Somptueux Central, 52-54 Wellington Street and is open Mondays to Wednesdays from 6:00pm to 1:00am, Thursdays to Saturdays from 6:00pm to 3:00am.



Cake Painting Afternoon Tea inspired by Peter Mcdonald

Painting and desserts? YES, right up my alley!

It’s Art Month in Hong Kong and you can feel the increase in cultural and art awareness in the air. Right next to Art Basel (March 15-17th, 2015) at the Hong Kong Convention Centre, the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong has invited Japanese/British artist Peter Mcdonald to collaborate with Executive Pastry Chef David White to create an afternoon tea inspired by the artist.

<strong>CAKE PAINTING AFTERNOON TEA by artist Peter McDonald</strong>

Tea started 3:30pm and it was at that time Chef David White transformed us into Peter Mcdonald’s world of Paintings…..

Everywhere you looked were elements from the whimsical artpieces, such as the odd geometric shapes, the exaggerated cartoonish head shapes, the bright colors and 2D textures.

The highlight of the tea were the blank ‘canvases’ placed around the buffet. I loved the attention to detail here: cheesecake covered with a layer of marzipan, folded in the orders just like a mounted canvas, not to mention the little ‘nails’ on the trims which took the whole thing over the edge with cuteness. Three color paints were offered – lime, orange and strawberry jam, though the only downside was that only the red was visible on the canvas, an unfortunate error though we understand their efforts was to make it as edible and natural as possible, so no artificial coloring was added.

So not to take up the whole canvas, here is my little masterpiece =)

Besides satisfying your sweet tooth, trays of bite sized savoury treats were also available.

Afternoon tea is not complete without scones. Here they offer an array of whimsical scones shaped in squares, triangles, rectangles and circles!

You’ll also get your own tray of goodies where you can decorate and demolish at your table! Cake pops, victorian sponge, cookies and a mini cheesecake canvas. It was all too pleasing to the eyes, nose and mouth!

I’m always in awe of Grand Hyatt’s teams’ attention to detail, and this afternoon tea was no different. Although Peter Mcdonald was only present at Tea until 15th, this promotion will go on until March 31st, so book now! Priced at $329 + 10% per person on weekends and $298 + 10% per person on weekdays, with unlimited visits to the ice cream station.   Make sure you have a light lunch before you go, you’ll want to try everything!

Peter Mcdonald’s work is also on display around the hotel year round, so you can take a look whenever you’re there! For more information on the artist, click here.